Take control of your financial future again. “Healthy People file less claims, which lower your costs.” Is your company into wellness? Is the Senior Management on board? Do you have a wellness Committee? We want to show you and your employees how to “Connect the Dots”. Once an employee understands that their payroll deduction for health insurance is ultimately connected to their personal wellness, claims are quickly reduced. When claims are reduced through wellness, all costs go down. The key, is the right system and accountability.

PaycheckThe Employee Paycheck – We strongly believe that when the costs of health reform finally sifts down to the employee’s paycheck, then they will realize that they have a serious problem. So what should an employer do? We suggest helping them connect the dots, which educates the employees of the fact that their personal wellness is connected to costs. It starts with their health insurance payroll deducted cost, stated on their paycheck stub.

The Health Insurance Renewal – As an employer, you learned a long time ago that your health insurance renewal is connected to claims. However employees don’t see it that way. In fact, many employees don’t care. Our goal is to help “have some skin in the game”. We feel employees should “earn” their good benefit plan, not pick it. They will have a growing appreciation for this concept as they learn how a health insurance renewal is calculated. However it needs to be communicated quickly, effectively and in a manner in which they understand. We visually educate employees on your renewal, and help you implement a plan that guarantees results. The goal? It’s simple – reduce your claims through wellness.

GroupUtilizationGroup Utilization – When was the last time your benefit specialist put together an effective and educational visual presentation-teaching employees about claim utilization? Most of our new clients say – “never.” O&A has a systematical approach and schedule to meet with employees and show them “their” claims. We feel it’s important to use charts and graphs and keep things simple, yet impact them with a creative presentation. Healthy, educated employees, that have skin in the game, respond positively. This presentation helps to create a healthy culture and mind-set.

IndividualUtilizationIndividual Utilization – Most employees don’t feel that claim utilization lies on their own personal shoulders. They tend to think it must be “someone else” that is filing the claims. Our goal is implement individual blood profiles, BMI evaluations, cholesterol check-up, evaluations of tobacco use, and having them check their blood pressure. Where we differ, is in the area of accountability. As employees implement wellness initiatives, they actually earn lower deductibles, out of pocket maximums and premium contributions. Instead of picking a benefit plan that they over-use, they earn a better benefit plan through wellness and improved individual utilization. This is a tricky solution because the benefit plans must remain compliant under ACA law. We have a fantastic solution.

PersonalHealthIndividual Wellness – “Healthy people file less Claims”. As employees neck and waist size diminish, so do your costs. They are happy, because they have earned a better benefit plan and the employer is happy because claim costs are reduced, therefore costs. Many new concepts and plans are emerging from the marketplace to allow employers share in the profit. As claims lower, profits rise. Which is great news, especially in an environment where costs are out of control. Finally, we have create a program that helps connect the dots and puts the employer back in control of their financial future.