Custom Technology always trumps template technology

Unlike most brokerage firms, O&A is willing to make the costly investment of technology on behalf of our clients. We offer systems at no cost and our complex HRIS platforms are offered at wholesale cost or through a co-op arrangement.

Benefit Communication

Using the O&A proprietary tech team, employers look better than ever in the eyes of their employees. Our proprietery web-based communication tools allow employees to receive Human Resource Services, every day, 24 hours a day.

Employees can view their benefits; management will have forms and tools at their fingertips while in or out of the office, providing increased effectiveness with your leaders.

Open Enrollment

Our on-line enrollment technology saves hundreds of man-hours, increases administrative efficiency, and allows employees access at home and at work. After enrollment, management enjoys a full reporting system for accurate and time saving analysis.

Management Tools

Management strategizing is easier using our technology and there is no need for extensive and expensive training. Our system allows your employees to audit and update their own records. Management reports accurately show deductions, enrollment placements and benchmarking to further assist in management decisions.