Before they grew up and started working for you, they looked like this... they are still people needing help and direction.


We believe employees are people that need education, development, support and help…  Companies succeed when employees are educated, supported, trained and recognized for positive performance. Clients may come and go, employees need to stay.

Some of our services Include:

Employee Polls & Surveys

learn from them

Employee Recognition Reviews

motivate and inspire

Executive Benefits and Workshops

leadership education 

Lunch and Learns

educated people perform

Investing Strategies and Workshops

train money management

Individual Health Insurance

cover spouses & children

401K Coaching for Website

educate about retiring

Wellness Coaching

Healthy People File Less Claims

Benefit Statements

Value Employer Benefits


Easy and always available

O&A offers products and services from the entry level employees, up to the owners, officers and managers.