Vetting technology is tricky and expensive and we have mastered the process. The key is to provide multiple platforms since one size does not fit all. Also, for the right groups, we integrate everything on a single platform. From shopping benefits, hiring, payroll, compliance, billing and more, our systems manage the employee from application to termination. Everything is managed from a personalize dashboard.

We believe you need a lot data, and formatted in an easy to manage format. For qualified groups, we handle all EDI feeds and set up. We are truly your extended technology team.

Employer Reporting: At O&A, executives are informed with clean, easy-to-read reporting. We offer this through our exhaustive data exchange so critical areas can be concise, accurate and detailed for proper forecasting and management. Is it okay to also say that our reports are aesthetically pleasing? If the system doesn’t produce what you want, we can customize any type of report.

Employee Experience: We still believe in face-to-face communication, however our technology platforms provide a complete and simple shopping experience. Our mobile experience is award-winning and adapts to all generations. The employee is educated with layman language descriptions, and they are provided an interactive experience. They can check their progress, change their minds prior to the deadlines and receive an easy to understand confirmation statement. We even have an interactive benefit counselor platform helping employees learn about insurance terms, processes and the medical industry. Our system will help your company create savvy consumer skills with all of your employees.