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    Once an employee understands that their payroll deduction for health insurance is ultimately connected to their personal wellness, claims are quickly reduced.  The key is the right system and accountability.

    The Employee Paycheck
    We strongly believe that when the cost of health reform finally sifts down to the employee’s paycheck, then they will realize that it’s time to get healthy. The realization truly starts with the paycheck deduction.

    The Health Insurance Renewal
    As an employer, you learned a long time ago that your health insurance renewal is connected to claims.  However employees don’t see it that way.  Our goal is to help them “have some skin in the game” through innovative plan designs tied to an effective wellness program.

    Group Utilization – When was the last time your benefit specialist put together an effective and educational visual presentation teaching employees about claim utilization?  O&A has a systematical approach to meet with employees and show them “their” claims.  Educated employees respond positively.

    Individual Utilization
    Most employees don’t feel that claim utilization lies on their own personal shoulders.  They tend to think it must be “someone else” that is filing the claims.  Once they “learn” how their personal claims affect cost, overall costs are reduced.

    Individual Wellness
    “Healthy people file less claims; as BMI’s get lower, so do your costs. They are happy because they have earned a better benefit plan and the employer is happy because costs are reduced. We help employees connect the dots and it puts the employer   back in control of their financial future.

    The best health insurance is a healthy body