• Our customized, cloud based system is designed around your desires and plans.  The design limitation is your imagination.  Our award winning on-line enrollment is a proprietary design, and we do not use template technology. We believe every thing we do should be customized to your needs, and always easy to navigate.

    Commissions Reinvested

    Few brokers are willing to reinvest their commissions into client programs.  Our investment comes from your premiums. O&A will reinvest your premiums back into  your company, providing large groups (over 100 employees) with a free online, customized enrollment system.  We also provide full HRIS platforms at wholesale cost through our unique co-op arrangements.

    Open Enrollment

    The O&A tech team guarantees that you will always have a professional image in the eyes of your employees.  With your own electronic enrollment system, your employees will update their own employee records, saving hours and errors.

    Management Tools

    Normally, open enrollment “clean-up” is extremely time consuming once the event is over. Using our technology, you receive full management reports, payroll deduction spreadsheets, and benchmarking tools. Management after-the-fact has never been easier or more efficient.