• Times have changed; an HR Manager is now a Compliance Specialist.  Do you have the right tools? Our goal is to surround you 360 degrees with tools, videos, tutorials, and over 500 free downloadable complaint forms, including one of the most cutting edge employee hand-booklets out there.

    We call it “HR360”.  We not only provide the tools, we provide the people to visit you and educate you on how to use them.

    Human Resources is sometimes referred to as human capital. We, however, like to refer to them as people.

    People First – Profit Second

    Labor Laws and access to other H.R. Firms

    Stay compliant

    Member of SHRM

    Connect to the experts

    Employee Handbook assistance

    Update your policies

    Benefit Booklets

    All custom designed

    Consolidated Enrollment Forms

    We brand it for you

    New Hire and Termination Packets

    Keep it professional

    Orientation Kits

    First impressions are critical

    Compliance Training

    Minimize and eliminate penalties

    Benefit Statements

    Help employees value benefits

    Employee Education

    Teach them consumerism

    Wellness Programs – “Connecting the Dots”

    Lower claim costs

    Wellness Education

    Hold employees accountable

    Employee Polls & Surveys

    Learn what they think


    We are your free extended-staff to your HR Department.

    You can’t go wrong doing the right thing and the right thing is serving people.