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    You can’t afford to work with someone that does not specialize in employee benefits.

    Wouldn’t you agree that it’s becoming more complicated to remain a compliant employer as you implement and manage health reform?

    We strongly believe in executive face-to-face updates, along with a host of tools to remain competitive and compliant.  If you don’t have time to use all the employer tools we provide, we will come by on a scheduled basis and educate management on critical tools that inform and update you on the latest practices.

    Claim Evaluations and Studies

    Get control of your costs

    Actuarial and Auditing Services

    Determine trends

    Administrative Needs

    Use O&A as your extended staff

    Executive Benefits

    Key man insurance, Life, Long-term Care, Etc.

    Classing Employees

    Creating various benefit levels

    Integration and Technology

    Tie benefit plans to wellness initiatives

    Graphic Design

    Custom Design

    HSA Administration

    Qualify for Health Reform


    Stay compliant with your benefit plans

    Third Party Administration

    Share profit when claims are favorable

    Predictive Modeling

    Preparing for upcoming trends

    Market Analysis

    Know what your competitors offer

    Potential Acquisitions

    We handle details

    Compliance Issues and Audits

    Eliminate paying penalties

    Human Resource Complexities

    Stay compliant

    Diverse Locations

    Use technology and remain consistent

    Provider Access

    Compare networks

    Direct Contracting

    Direct Provider Discounts

    Wellness and Staff Physicians

    Healthy people file less claims…

    Multi-state Statutes

    Simplify the rules within each state

    Funding Options

    Share in profits