• Don’t Let Employees Choose their Health Plan

    Instead, make them earn it.  Until we all “get a little skin in the game”, we won’t take ownership of costs.  In the past, employees selected a health plan from 2 or 3 offered by the employer.  If they had a surgery or procedure scheduled, they chose the plan that would pay the most toward their claim.  There is a new concept now: earning the plan, not choosing it.  Here’s how it works.  If an employee obtains a certain Body Mass Index (BMI) or certain levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and/or achieves cessation of tobacco use, they earn a better health plan or lower their costs.  The lower cost may be in premium, a lower deductible or a lower out of pocket.  The concept works because the employee is rewarded based upon their individual success.  If you want to see the concept in action, we can come for a visit and show you how it’s done.