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  • Get Well or Pay More

    Get Well or Pay More

    Is it legal? I’m not an attorney, however, I will tell you this: IT’S THE FUTURE…some call this life-style underwriting, others call it wellness management. The fact of the matter is that many companies are winning big time in implementing these concepts.

  • Don’t Let Employees Choose their Health Plan

    Don’t Let Employees Choose their Health Plan

    Instead, make them earn it. Until we “get a little skin in the game”, we won’t take ownership of costs. In the past, employees selected a plan from 2 or 3 offered by the employer. If they had a surgery or procedure scheduled, they chose the plan that would pay the most toward their claim.

  • Healthy People File Less Claims

    Healthy People File Less Claims

    And this always lowers costs for everyone. We had an employee with a waist size of 42 trim down to a size 33 in just a year. Their chronic back pain and medication was eliminated. They felt better, their presenteeism was more productive and absenteeism was less.

  • Health Reform Update

    Health Reform Update

    The Exchanges are up and running and we are getting subsidies for individuals. INDIVIDUAL RATES ARE LESS THAN GROUP RATES! You have until March 31st to enroll in an individual health plan. After that, the door will be locked for new enrollee’s until October 1, 2014.