Our work is not a job, it’s our life

Prior to becoming husband and wife and business partners, Tim and Wendy were competitors. The rest is history. They now are a dynamic and unbeatable team.  With O&A you get two Executive Agents for the price of one.


If you are not an underwriter, how would you know if the rates are correct? Don’t leave money on the table…

Claim Analysis

The question is not “Did you go over your claims?” – the question is “What are doing about them?” We do both. We evaluate, summarize, and strategize a solution to lower claims. Claims drive costs. Control your claims, then you control your costs…

Welcome to Owen & Associates

O&A Insurance Services, Inc. started in 1988 after Tim Owen completed a large merger of HMO’s in Jacksonville Florida. O&A ranks at the top of the industry as a benefit agency in Jacksonville Florida. The Clients of O&A have profound testimonies of their employee’s satisfaction after O&A comes onto the scene.

Mission Statement

To Serve, Care and Minister with Expert Ability

Why Ministry is in our mission statement

The term is taken from the Latin word “minister” (or ministrare), which means servant, attendant, “to wait upon” – which itself was derived from minus “less”.  Ministry has nothing to do with money.

Two for the price of One


Most Employers hire one experienced agent to oversee the employee benefits.  The beauty of a husband and wife team, is that you get two for the price of one.